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oops, should have told you guys about this sooner. But Master Tu a reknown qigong master in Taiwan is teching classes in the bellevue area until next friday. I can't remember where exactly... let me know and I'll post if I find the article.

Anyways, my dad went to his seminar and told me a bit about it.

you can find his website:

Recommendations for a Seattle Physician?

I am looking for a new primary care provider, and was wondering if anyone could recommend good doctors in Seattle. I'm asking on here as it seems likely that I have some similar criteria as some other martial artists for a good doctor.

I'm looking for someone who takes a holistic approach to health and is good with injuries, etc.



Hello everyone!!
I was wondering if some you wouldn't mind filling out this questionnaire for me. It's part of my research project which is about whether or not those studying a martial art, incorporate what they learn in their training into their everyday life.

Please forgive me if some of the information I use within the questions are wrong. I, unfortunately, am not currently studying a martial art, and so I do not know as much as I should. But soon, very soon I am hoping to begin studying Iaido.

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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For any of you who may be interested, the Tuesday Chen Taiji class that I teach at Artspawn is going to be beginning the form again soon, and is therefore open to new students. (We have three new students already, I believe ;-) ) Details are in the artspawnchen community.
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Sorry for the late notice, but....

The World of Martial Arts

Chinatown Community Center
8th & Maynard, Seattle (a green building)
Saturday the 16th -- tomorrow!
6 PM

Not sure about the ticket price but it was something like $5 donation the previous years it was held at Queen Anne. Variety of martial arts demos, weapons forms, and fellow NW practitioners present. My own kwoon is represented later in the program: Yee Jong Pai kung fu with Sifu Shawn Miller.

If you have nothing better to do tomorrow night, we'd love to see some of you there. :)

P.S. If you catch me, the name's Kris. :)

Just Joined PSMA

Hi There! I just joined this community with hopes of meeting others interested in Martial Arts in the Greater (read: Eastside) area. A friend of mine and myself have not that much experience in Martial Arts, but want to join up somewhere somewhat close to home and was hoping we could get reccomendations for good schools. Now I am in charge of Information gathering (woohoo!) so here goes.

I live in Issaquah, he lives in Maple Valley. He works in Sea-Tac and I in Redmond.
He has told me that he is interested in a "Softer Style" rather than a Karate. I am not exaclty what he means by that though and was hoping someone could give me an idea what "softer" might mean. He didnt seem too interested in Judo or Aikido so yeah. Any information would be great =)

Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!
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I just joined the community, and I know I should have read the posts carefully and figured this out that way, but forgive me for not having all the time in the world, so hear me out.

Some friends and I want to find a taiji teacher and split the cost for a small group lesson. We live in north bellevue WA, so anyone from redmond would also be immensely convienent and awesome. Does anybody know a great sifu that would be willing to give us lessons? Hopefully, if all goes well, we might want to get funding from the school too. And if we play our cards right, the sifu can also get a more stable coach's pay.

We are mostly interested in Chen style and all thing involved in it. But any well experienced tai-chi master would be cool.

Thanx for your time.

Fifth River Open House on June 26th

Fifth River Poekoelan Indonesian Martial Arts and Self-Defense is proud to announce the opening of our beautiful new studio in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood. We’ll be hosting an Open House on Saturday, June 26th from 12 – 5pm with hands-on classes and demos throughout the afternoon.

Celebrate with us! Classes and events are FREE and open to all.

Noon – Introduction to Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen

Learn the basics of this amazing Indonesian martial art! With the guidance of an advanced level instructor learn the history of the art, the basics of throwing effective strikes, and crucial self defense skills.

1:00 – Beginning Poekoelan: Adult Cun Tao

Cun Tao means “self defense” and is the foundation of Poekoelan Tjimindie Tulen training. In this workshop you will practice effective physical responses to common attacks, watch a demonstration by our beginning students, and learn about the first phase of training.

2:00 – Play of the Animals

Poekoelan is based on the movements of the monkey, tiger, snake, and crane. The animal movements give our art its distinctively beautiful style. Advanced students will show you the fighting movements from the animals and teach you basic animal movement. Learn to fly like a crane in this high energy workshop!

3:00 – Calm and Clear: Indonesian Breathing Exercise

This class includes dynamic tension exercises, meditation, and low impact, energizing movement. The breath work will focus your mind and refuel your body. Perfect for all fitness levels.

4:00 – Welcome Party!

Enjoy some light snacks while you watch a Poekoelan video or check out information on our other programs. Fifth River instructors will be on hand to answer your questions or to just hang out and chat.

For more information visit us at; call 206.216.0300; or email

Fifth River Poekoelan is a premier martial arts school located at 130 Western Ave. W, Seattle, WA, in the Bayview Worklofts. Information regarding programs and schedules is available at

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